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Welcome to the Divine Primates Website

where we encourage humans to be the rational creatures we think we are.

Earon Davis, Primate


Hope for Our Stressed-Out Species

How One Writer's Journey Through Environmental Law, Public Health, Fatherhood and Ancient Wisdom Traditions Reveals A Path Out of the Conflicts and Consumerism that Plague Humanity.

by Earon S. Davis, J.D., M.P.H., L.C.M.T.
email:  divineprimates@aol.com

This not-yet-published book takes a compassionate look at why humans are
unintentionally endangering our own survival on this planet and discusses some
ideas and actions that can give our noble species better control over our behavior.

Those expressing support for this project include Dr. Ashok Khosla,
former Director of the United Nations Environment Programme -
and Harvard professor whose course inspired Al Gore's environmentalism.

Earon's World Future Society presentations:

2009 World Future Society Annual Meeting
Chicago Hilton, July 18, 2009

1.  Powerpoint Presentation at WorldFuture 2008
"Divine Primates:  A Look At Human Nature and the World Around Us"
Part of the session - Four Brothers on the Front Lines of Sustainability

2.  Additional Paper at WorldFuture 2008
"Seeing the Future Anew - Through Primate Eyes (July 2008)"

3.  Divine Primates:  Hope for a Sustainable Future (July 2007)
(Scroll downward on the same page as #2 above.)

Will increased species-awareness empower our efforts to create a sustainable culture?
It is worth a try, because nothing else is working.

Literary agents, book publishers, journalists, media representatives,
or anyone else who wants to know more about his project,
please email Earon at divineprimates@aol.com

Please visit Earon's blog and read his Introductory Chapter for Divine Primates
and leave your comments and suggestions.  If you agree that this concept
offers hope for a more sustainable future, please help spread the word!!!

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